Two Pups, One Painting

February 10, 2018

Hello and Happy Saturday! I'm soon off to a baby shower and a celebratory football pool dinner, but FIRST -- in today's installment of the 'before' and 'after' painting process -- I'm taking today back to over a year ago when my sweet, old roommate introduced me to HER sweet, present co-worker, to commission a painting of her mom's late puppies. <3


For this one, I got a bunch of pictures to choose from, to combine the images into one (below are the angles I wound up relying upon more than others). I was told to use bright colors and to make it look a little more 'modern,' but otherwise had the freedom to make things up as I went (the best kind of painting:)).


This was the final image (painted from my studio apartment, before I moved, while I was still finishing a painting and then sleeping directly next to it all evening ... thankfully, I now have more floor space:)). I like the splotchy background, that the black dog gets to be shades of blue, and for some reason I also really like the ball that is drawn, but not colored in (who knows!).


Here are also the original photos:

 It's fun, right?? Just a littleeee bit of color in the middle of your weekend:). 








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