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January 7, 2018

In college I REALLY struggled with the 'purpose' of painting. I minored in studio art because I loved the process but I always had a hard time articulating why I chose my subjects. It seemed like everyone in class had a great answer to the instructor's question of what their art meant - why they chose the objects, the colors, the 'message.' In contrast, I tended to grab whatever was available in my kitchen or my roommate's closets to see if I could paint, let's say, a toothbrush with perfect accuracy. Or I LOVED painting saran wrap (idk?!) - but try coming up with a 'deeper meaning' to fake flowers, cellophane, and my roommate's leftover halloween candy (a very sad, poorly run funeral? A weird approach to trick-or-treating?) The struggle was real. 


Anyway, since I've jumped back into the art world, it's not that I don't LOOK for a deeper meaning to my artwork (like I said earlier this week, I want to start painting more controversial nudies;)); but it's also that I've really enjoyed helping people celebrate their life's biggest moments and letting that be my 'purpose' for painting.  New homes, lost puppies, big birthdays, moves to different cities; people commission the things that are most important to them and I, therefore, get a bitty glimpse into so many peoples' biggest life celebrations. It really is so rewarding and I have to say THANK YOU to everyone who has made that possible. Keep 'em coming!! :) 


I thought I'd start sharing through the blog a bit more information about some of the commissions I've completed. The original pictures I'm working from get lost on the website and they're a fun part of the equation. So, below are two marker drawings that I completed just in time for Christmas.... 


Number one: I LOVE the below home and I want to live in it so badly. The new home buyers sent me the listing, to create the drawing, and I drooled all over it (I feel like it wouldn't be appropriate to share their home address:), so you're just going to have to believe me that the marble and crown molding would kill you, too). So, this is the drawing: 


And this is the original picture off google maps, moving dumpsters included:) ... 




Number two: Here's another house that I absolutely love. It was also a first home for a family in the suburbs. The trees are magical and the little blue front door and shutters are absolutely perfect:) ..


Again I grabbed the front view of this house from google maps, so, don't mind the scribbled out address that I've got going on in the upper left hand corner:):



And that's all for now!  I'll start doing more of these, for homes, puppies, you name it. You can see a little bit more of the process that way and ask me questions if you'd like! Hip hip, thanks again for following!! 






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