2018's Resolution: Nudies & Other Subjects

January 2, 2018


2018!!!! I can't believe the entire year of 2017 is over. I really can't. In the last year, I've started an art business, purchased a ton of acrylic paints and prismacolor markers, rented an apartment that has an extra mini room to serve as an art studio, sold my first batch of 11x14 animal prints, and finished what feels like a million painting commissions on nights and weekends.  Like anyone who's ever held a paintbrush, I've been excited about new supplies, new subjects, and bigger canvases (at least I assume that's everyone's response to new art supplies:)).


I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but I do have one goal for this year: to paint more of what I love and what I find inspiring. It's so easy to go from commission to commission and to let others dictate your style and subject, but it also means you don't carve out time for the skills you'd like to develop or the subjects you want to play with. So, all that being said ... 


I'm going to paint more nudies in 2018 ;). Nudies and, hopefully, bigger bodies of work that I'm excited to learn from. 


The nudie thing is risky, maybe, because people surprisingly still have pretty strong  responses to the nude figure. I've had friends tell me that my audience for this type of painting might be smaller. But, perhaps because the subject is somewhat 'risky,' I also find it interesting. There is nothing overly graphic about my paintings or drawings. They're a bit more abstract. They're brightly colored. They're fun, really, if you ask me (well, you tell me what you think, but at least "fun" is what I'VE been thinking:)).  In any case, at least for the short term, I'm going to dedicate more time to figures -- and then maybe whatever else is inspiring (it's also a little bit exciting, trying to find nude models online and wondering who is monitoring my search engines -- I promise, for anyone out there, I'm just looking for proper lighting. don't arrest me:). 


Here's a bit more of what I've scribbled so far  -  cheers to a new year and to finding time to do what you love!!! 











 Happy 2018!!






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